Eco Project Wane

Wanna meet the team?




The good soul of the project. Mansur not only watches over our precious garden and waters our plant. He is the impersonated heart of our project, keeps it alive and nourishes it while our absence.


The man with all the connections. Agil made this venture possible in the first place. He was with us from the start and supported us with materials, skilled workmanship and relation to local authorities.


Alex, the visionary, works for a German tech company and has lived with his wife in Indonesia since 2016. After being exposed to PermaCulture concepts and several small PermaCulture projects, Alex and his wife decided to start a small farm and eco lodge in BIMA on a lonely yet beautiful beach - Pantai (Beach) Wane. After numerous visits, they are committed to support the region and its people.


When Chrisch, one of Alex's best mates, visited the island, he immediately noticed the real responsibility. Chrisch has been trying to protect our nature for decades and has been actively involved in international development projects in Cambodia, among others, for the past four years. It was clear to the biologist that an Eco Lodge alone would not do justice to the core of the problem here. It is a structural problem that requires major action. This is where the idea of founding an association was born.


It was that time, when the idea was born, that Chris joined the team. Chris is an aspiring malaiologist when he joined as part of an internship for his Indonesian semester abroad organised by HTWG Konstanz (University of Applied Sciences Konstanz) / Universitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. In 3 months, he has developed from an intern to one of the founding fathers of the project.