Eco Project Wane




Plastic is, of course, one of the main waste problems in the world, so also in the area of Pantai wane. It occurs all around the world in nature and is grinded into microplastic particles by time and physical forces that then take their journey through ecosystems and organisms. Microplastic functions as a rival to plankton and dims light to deeper sea ecosystems, interfering with food chains and has even been proven to have significant effects in human bodies.

Besides that it functions as a breeding refugia for various strains of bacteria when thrown in a humid area of nature such as rivers and aggregations at riverbeds. It is also responsible for transferring lots of diseases to people, very often children, playing and swimming in these waters.

Additional to plastic waste there are huge amounts of engine oil, gasoline and other chemicals distributed unfiltered to the natural aquatic systems, polluting soil, waters and sea in severe manners and in the end again poisoning the people of the local community who depend on the water to drink and the fish, accumulating heavy metal and toxins, to eat.